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 Ray Torres is President, Torres & Associates, LLC a boutique business consulting firm. As a results-oriented firm, it offers strategic business solutions. Mr. Torres has been an executive in the technology industry since 1992 with small to med-size companies. He serves as corporate officer for Information Strategy Design, Inc , and has served as a Board member to technology, privately-held companies in Arizona and California.

Mr. Torres earned his MBA degree at Pepperdine University and Bachelor of Science degree at Arizona State University. He is also a graduate of Stanford University, Executive Development program. Further, he has taught MBA courses for University of LaVerne and University of Phoenix.

Business Dynamics

The dynamics of operating and growing a business is a challenge for any astute business person. Therefore seeking outside support -- Torres & Associates -- is always a wise undertaking.  

Creating Business Value

If only building a business was straight forward. Too many distractions bombard businesses, often times becoming festering hot spots. With thermal imaging capability Torres & Associates can detect business issues and work toward solutions.

Further, in today’s over-zealous government intervention environment, small businesses need the navigation know-how to address and manage regulators and enforcers. Torres & Associates is adept in charting and implementing a course of action. 

Also, limited resources contribute to the challenge of accelerating a company. Once again, Torres & Associates is proficient in diagnosing and prescribing results-oriented activity, specifically in the capital requirement arena. 

Creating business value is not just a moniker; it is providing real-time value for customers, investors, management and employees.

Business Performance

Profit targeting, expense control and revenue enhancements are ways of life in business. Operational, marketing, and financial plans become more than just words and numbers; they're executable plans. At the end of the day, they measure management's ability to execute and to achieve the desired results. Equally important, they enable various capital investment opportunities.

Strategic Thinking

A forward-looking executive is a perquisite for a start-up company. Having such talent on an Advisory Board or Board of Directors, improves the chance for a young company to succeed in a competitive and challenging business environment. Ray Torres has been a board member of, Digital Storefront, PDQ, and MicroMadness.

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A Tribute to Margie Long

On May 31, 2013, the travel and hospitality industry lost a well thought of professional in a tragic mid-air 
plane crash in north Phoenix.

Margie Long was a dear friend and a long-time client. She built a stellar 
hot air balloon business admired by the competitors. She had raving fans and customers too. It was not always easy for her. Margie’s perseverance trait and competitive nature kept her vision alive – a legacy hot air balloon business.

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